Pick Our Brains

Every individual on our team is incredibly thoughtful about the work they do, and with every project we take on, we walk away with new insights. Read on to learn right alongside us.

March 27, 2023
tag icon News, B Corp
By Team Treatment

March is B Corp month, and we at Treatment are taking the occasion to celebrate being a part of an ever-growing international group of over 6,500 companies committed to being a force for good.

April 15, 2022
tag icon Creator Spotlight
By Ryan Petrie

Despite his creative passions, Ryan never thought he would make it living as a creative. He was discouraged from pursuing a career in art growing up and was regularly warned that there was no way to make a living in it — that all artists end up poor and starving. So he treated his creative endeavors as a hobby — something he would do for fun on the side while working a real job... until something clicked.

December 21, 2021
By Kat Traczyk

2021 was a big year for Treatment. It’s the year we officially joined the B Corp clan, integrated a web solution to increase accessibility for those with disabilities, implemented a more intentional and equitable hiring process, partnered with a growing list of nonprofits, and teamed up with a host of other local organizations.

September 23, 2021
tag icon News, Partnerships
By Team Treatment

Treatment is humbled to have been selected by USL Spokane to create brand identities for Spokane’s very own professional League One team! We're donning our scarves, dusting off our lucky cleats, and running drills to be game day ready.

August 17, 2021
tag icon web design, inspiration
By Kat Traczyk

I need to spill a little secret. I love Jimmy Chin. If you haven’t seen Meru, do yourself a favor and devote 1.5 hours to a marvel about the human mind, body and spirit. Then imagine the hard work it takes to become not only a talented climber, but an equally talented photographer, all while dangling on ropes thousands of feet in the air.

July 1, 2021
tag icon awareness, video, healthcare
By Benji Wade

A month before the start of the pandemic, Inland Imaging hired us to capture stories from breast cancer survivors for an awareness campaign. We were really excited and I felt deeply humbled on a personal level. Four incredibly strong women trusted that our client — and by extension, Treatment — possessed the right combination of capabilities to pull this off and make them feel comfortable along the way.

It’s a responsibility we take super seriously. Pointing a video camera at someone, especially when that someone is neither paid nor trained to be an actor, is like starting a relationship. If it's gonna work out, it takes trust, patience, and a willingness to take some risks.

April 30, 2021
By Team Treatment
We can already hear you asking, What in high heavens is a B Corp? Well, you actually likely already know and love some recognizable B Corp brands — Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Cotopaxi, and New Belgium. Outside of being amongst a rad bunch, B Corp businesses rally around an important conviction — that businesses should balance people and the planet with profit. It’s a socially, environmentally, and locally conscious group of like-minded folks who participate in regular assessments to become certified (and then maintain certification). B Corps make up a global movement to use business as a force of good, making binding commitments to mind the impact of decisions for all stakeholders — customers, suppliers, workers, community and the environment.