April 30, 2021

We're a B Corp!

By Team Treatment

We can already hear you asking, What in high heavens is a B Corp?

Well, you actually likely already know and love some recognizable B Corp brands — Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Cotopaxi, and New Belgium.

Outside of being amongst a rad bunch, B Corp businesses rally around an important conviction — that businesses should balance people and the planet with profit. It’s a socially, environmentally, and locally conscious group of like-minded folks who participate in regular assessments to become certified (and then maintain certification). B Corps make up a global movement to use business as a force of good, making binding commitments to mind the impact of decisions for all stakeholders — customers, suppliers, workers, community and the environment.

What makes Treatment a B Corp?

Simply put, we scored above the 80 required points on our B Corp impact assessment, coming back with a score of 92.7. It’s a good start, but we look forward to setting new goals and improving our impacts over time.

But what those numbers really mean is that we’ve met a high third-party benchmark for our impact on our clients, suppliers, workers, community, and environment.

Our mission statement reads, “Treatment is dedicated to organizations who are dedicated to their communities.” Our love of the Spokane community drives everything we do from how we treat each other to creating the best work we can for our local and mission-driven clients. We’ve committed to be mindful stewards that both contribute to, and are aware of our impact on our neighbors, making a difference — not only with the work we produce and the business choices we make, but also by giving back to the community through donations and in-kind work equal to at least 5% of our revenue.

But, why?

We were already walking the walk, doing what we believed was right. But we wanted to double down, talk the talk, improve, and make connections with other companies that share our values.

We’re proud to say we are among nearly 4,000 companies worldwide who have joined the B Corp movement. We’re the only full-service creative agency in Eastern Washington to be B Corp certified, and we’re humbled to join Mutu Coffee Roasters and Measure Meant Social Impact Consulting as Spokane’s third Certified B Corp (sustainability, creativity, AND coffee — it’s a Spokane trifecta).

Read more about B Corps at bcorporation.net.