March 27, 2023
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Celebrating B Corp Month

By Team Treatment

March is B Corp month, and we at Treatment are taking the occasion to celebrate being a part of an ever-growing international group of over 6,500 companies committed to being a force for good. We first became certified as a B Corp in 2021, and since then we have made a lot of changes in service of expanding our commitment to those values - specifically in the realm of employee empowerment.

While Treatment has always embraced worker autonomy and given employees freedom to work in a way that they feel best suits them, last July we took a major step in going beyond for our workers by officially joining the Spokane Workers Cooperative. We converted our agency from a standard hierarchical boss/employee structure into a holacratic cooperative structure that fully embraces being worker-run. Now every business decision we make is the outcome of workplace democracy and explicit employee consent.

By reaffirming our B Corp values as a co-op, we are acknowledging that those values aren’t simply assigned to us by management; they are a true expression of our collective beliefs and work culture.

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Since our co-op conversion, we have continued to embody these values through our client selection, internal business practices, and volunteer time. We offer discounted rates on our design work for local nonprofits that are making a difference in our community. We also donate our time to volunteering. As a team, we donate over 150 hours a year!

In the past year, we’ve donated our expertise in making videos for non profits like Spark Central, building trails with the Washington Trails Association, and supporting our creative community through Terrain. We truly look forward to donating our time to causes we care about this coming year, we’ve already started making plans for multiple volunteer days in the summer.

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Being a B Corp means leaving behind outdated perceptions of what a business should be, and joining a movement of companies who want to transform the global economic system to benefit everyone.

Long after the end of B Corp Month, Treatment will continue working hard to wave goodbye to linear and unsustainable business practices, and we’ll never stop welcoming better ways of working.