Not every nail needs a hammer

No one here does just one thing. We’re a team of interdisciplinary weirdos, which makes it easier for us to reach into our pool of talents and find the right tools to fit the job.

Kayla Brooke


Queen of the calendar, super producer and super mom. She brings her southern charm to our team. But don’t let the sweetness fool you, she’ll school you in street basketball.

Ryan Petrie


After Effects wizard, creative problem solver, and advocate for the Oxford comma. Ryan is an avid reader who loves to stay up on current events, but also enjoys laying back to riff on cheesy B-movies with friends.

Marisa Inahara


Minimalist master of design, melding mundane elements into meaningful mosaics. When she's not tossing clay or scaling walls, Marisa can be found recharging in the great outdoors. Her attention to detail and calm demeanor adds a sense of balance to the team dynamic.

Luke Baumgarten

Founder / Creative Director

Journalist turned organizer turned creative. He’s fascinated by how identity creates community and community reinforces identity. Neglectful father of several novels. Involved father of several pugs.

AJ Dixon


A thoughtful leader, communicator, and collaborator with wealth of experience bringing complex projects to fruition. Amanda keeps us all on track, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and all deliverables come through on time.

Makayla Sotin


Born and raised in Spokane, Makayla is a passionate illustrator and designer. You can find her in her off hours tracking down the best London Fogs in town and starting books she has good intentions of finishing (but probably won’t).