December 21, 2021

Treatment 2021 Unwrapped

By Kat Traczyk

2021 was a big year for Treatment. It’s the year we officially joined the B Corp clan, integrated a web solution to increase accessibility for those with disabilities, implemented a more intentional and equitable hiring process (which resulted in not one, but TWO new team members *cue confetti*), partnered with a growing list of nonprofits, and teamed up with a host of other local organizations.

Gearing up for the holiday season, the office has been abuzz with ways to help our community. It felt extra poignant that our month of caring launched in November. Beyond our B Corp, pro-bono, and charity efforts, we're also grateful to say — as we have since our founding — we genuinely approach every problem that comes to our doorstep with the utmost care. Through a thoughtful process requiring humility, trust, and patience, both Treatment and our clients become better versions of themselves.

Reflecting on the last year, we tallied up our impacts so far in terms of the following:

Hours Donated

This year so far, we've given over 187 hours of our time in support of organizations that we believe in.

Dollars Donated

On top of giving our time, we also made donations of cash and goods worth over $11,000, giving high-end film equipment to Pride Prep's incredible program.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Nearly every organization we work with is value-aligned with Treatment, but this past year, at least three of the organizations we partnered with were actual nonprofits.

Purpose-Driven Clients

In 2021, we worked with 13 different clients for whom profit is secondary to their core mission.

Regionally Based Clients

We put our community first. We work best when we're working face-to-face and making our community a better place. This year, 96% of our clients were based in our region.

2021 Donations Blog Assest Tall 1

There’s still some time to round out these numbers, but we’re saying chin chin at HQ to some incredible results!