Whitworth University, having recently re-branded the entire visual system of the university, hired Treatment to bring that new brand into video and photographic form. Using their updated Spirit Guide to inform and motivate our process, we produced a short video and photographic series that supplemented recruitment efforts.

When students, faculty, and alumni self-describe their pride as Whitworth Pirates, they use terms like faithful, unpretentious, and curious. We spent the last week of the Spring semester, like flies on the wall, capturing as many authentic moments with students and faculty as possible.

Whitworth’s admissions counselors shared the video on a loop at college fairs, they used it as an introduction to their presentations at individual high school visits, and they played it for prospective students during initial visits to the campus.

From 2017 to 2018, Whitworth saw a 21% increase in applications, and 40% increase in deposits.

Following the video, Treatment also had the opportunity to capture photography of exceptional students and alumni, the new and improved music building, and more. During that time, our images became the covers of three different "Whitworth Today" issues.