Spokane Humane Society, the oldest humane organization in our city by far, was in need of an update to their brand. They came to Treatment to help them create a vibrant new visual identity and messaging. We then applied that to a custom website built on a modern framework.

First, we needed to update their look. We kept the iconic silhouette of a cat and a dog, but we simplified the mark significantly, maintaining the hope it communicates but giving it an updated look.

We were also able to develop a new voice for the brand. Cute and playful assets and authentic photography communicate the optimism of SHS and set them apart from other humane organizations.


The website got a complete makeover from a new content strategy and sitemap to updated copy and imagery. We were able to integrate the site with Pet Point for adoptions, but a major issue was getting the images to come through at a high enough resolution to show off the pets. We prioritized this because adoptions are the real reason we’re doing this work.