Northern Capital Management, on a mission to find someone to manage their social media, through a series of heart-to-hearts with Treatment, discovered that they needed a brand strategy to complement their internal strategy and culture.

We began the process by learning the ins and outs of Northern Capital's business and looking for ways to make their brand work better for them. The process began by renaming their related company (Capital Retirement Plan Services) to Northern Capital Retirement Services, clarifying the relationship between the two companies.

Northern Capital's vision for both of their companies is to positively impact the lives of their clients, employees, and the community. They want to be a company everyone — regardless of life season or money in the bank. We helped them identify some demographics they could appeal to more strongly without alienating their core clients. The resulting brand was colorful and modern with an inviting, gender-neutral look and voice.

Brand Assets

Following the rebrand, we embrace the challenge of combining Northern Capital's two websites into a beautiful new site. The resulting content structure helps clients understand the connections and distinctions between the two companies.

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