The WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine (ESFCOM) knows that the doctors they’re training face some real financial obstacles — especially those who plan to practice in rural and underserved areas. That’s why they sought Treatment’s help in putting out a call for financial superheroes at their new annual fundraiser.

First, the event needed a theme and a name. We started off by suggesting a number of possible themes. When they picked superheroes, we generated several naming options, looking for something that would clearly and instantly communicate the theme and the medical school connection. Once we'd settled on Medvengers, the logo direction was pretty clear.

Medvengers Wordmark

Each year we worked on the Medvengers fundraiser, Treatment collaborated with WSU to create a dynamic experience through a new look and feel, a new chapter in the Medvengers storyline, and a new set of interactive elements. The original event, with its lighthearted comic style, featured elements like a life-size operation table.

Medvengercasestudy 2019 Med 1

Medvengers 2 took a more cinematic approach to the theme. The design for the event relied on photo compositing and movie-inspired UI elements. The event itself featured opportunities to experience VR and learn about its applications for medical education and practice.

Medvengercasestudy 2019 Med 2

For Medvengers 3, we went for a grittier comic book style.

Medvengercasestudy 2019 Med 3
In all, we helped the school raise nearly 1 million dollars for scholarships.