Inland Northwest Bank had been quietly helping our region’s people, businesses and organizations build stronger companies and more resilient communities for over 25 years. In 2015, they asked Treatment to help spread the word.

INB asked us to focus on the people & businesses themselves — not on the bank — and whatever we did, it had to communicate the amount of love and dedication these businesses and organizations had for the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area. So we did something a little weird for our clickbait culture. We started writing in-depth stories.

We did something a little weird for our clickbait culture. We started writing in-depth stories.

For almost 4 years, we’ve sent writers and photographers out into our community to chronicle the incredible work being done, not just in Spokane & Coeur d’Alene, but everywhere INB banks. We’ve traveled all over the Palouse, and into Central Washington. Up into the northern reaches of the Idaho Panhandle and along the steep banks of the Columbia river gorge.

We worked with designers and local craftsmen to take those stories and move them into real space, coming up with a modular storytelling framework.

In Store Process
Inb Tower 1

When more traditional advertising needs come calling, our deep understanding of not just INB, but their customers and communities helps us to create more rich, authentic and moving creative — like the story we developed for their 2016 Commercial "The Power to Bank Everywhere." Or the short ad we created for their Heloc campaign.

When INB asked us to create their annual report in 2018, we again led with story. Our writers and designer cornered the CEO and Marketing Director in a room for hours, prodding them for everything they were working to build, both inside INB and in the communities they serve. We paired these narratives with a design look and feel that is contemporary without feeling overly trendy. The result mirrors the simple elegance of the region we call home, as well as INB’s plans to help it grow.

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