Hooptown USA is a community lifestyle brand meant to catalyze Spokane’s passion for the art of sport. Between a perennial contender for the national college basketball tournament, and the world's largest 3-on-3 hoops tournament, Spokane has a legitimate claim to the title of best basketball city in America. When Hoopfest came to Treatment, we said, "We got this."

The Hooptown USA logo needed to accomplish two key objectives: strengthening Spokane's sense of identity as a basketball town and developing a stronger sense of Spokane pride within the basketball community. With a handful of simple lines, we were able to present a mark that could do that and more.

Ht Horizontal Wordmark Badge Black M

Basketball is an incredible outlet for creativity, and Hooptown USA believes in expressing style on and off the court. To build a brand that showcased that conviction, we began exploring the convergence of sport, art, and human creativity. It took us back to the beginning of civilization itself. Some of the oldest surviving artworks are depictions of sport. Both art and sport are — at their core — venerations of human creativity and ingenuity. In this brand, movement, dynamism, and street culture bring the love of the game and the spirit of the arts together.

Hooptown Graphics 1
Hooptown Graphics 3
"We paired the creative culture of basketball with the visceral, highly expressive attitude of the art world to create a brand that's as loud as it is thoughtful."
— Designer
When the Hooptown USA brand launched at Hoopfest, they completely sold out of apparel.

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