ENGIE Impact (then Engie Insight), looking to grow from 1,000 Spokane employees to 1,500 in the next year, needed to increase awareness in the Spokane market and attract sufficient new talent. They enlisted Treatment to articulate their story as an employer, and broadcast it into the Spokane market.

From the very beginning of our work with ENGIE, we were enamored with their mission. They use data to show some of the world’s largest corporations that being more sustainable can help their business — and save the planet. Despite their home-grown origin story, ENGIE Insight was having a global impact. To message this campaign we started with the high-level concept, “Built in Spokane. Made for the World.”

The foundation of the campaign was an interview-driven careers video. Treatment developed questions, conducted interviews with a collection of employees from all levels and departments, and wove together the story of why people love working at ENGIE.

At the same time, Treatment quickly developed engaging strategy, content, and design for a careers landing page that clearly laid out the benefits of working at ENGIE.

We launched a full digital campaign across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, testing different visual approaches and messages over time, to see which messages got the most traction, and to keep things fresh with our audiences. Because we’d gathered so much great video content upfront, we were able to continue generating new ad units every 6 weeks.

There are few forms of marketing more powerful than a referral from a friend. With that in mind, we also assisted ENGIE in revamping their existing employee referral program, marketing it to their current employees, and giving them the tools needed to effectively spread the word on social media.

Engie Case Study Assets Referral Program 1
Engie Case Study Assets Referral Program 2
Engie Case Study Assets Referral Program 3
For the first time in a long time, ENGIE’s hiring team reported that they had plenty of qualified talent to keep up with their hiring needs.