Creative by Nature the new regional brand for Spokane, describes a city whose culture both promotes and celebrates exploration, innovation, and creative expression. Treatment worked with Visit Spokane to produce a short video and several subsequent videos that tease viewers with Spokane’s signature experiences.

As the first company to express the new brand in video, we knew we had to make it sing.

We traveled to more than 30 locations, showcasing beautiful parks, historic architecture, nationally recognized chefs, and varied recreational opportunities, rendering each one with an authenticity that matches our city.

In the first 3 weeks, the Creative by Nature video received… 115,000 views. 1100 shares. 1100 reactions. 150 comments.

Shortly after, Visit Spokane asked us to create a more convention-oriented destination marketing video to illustrate the proximity, ease, fun, and wonder of visiting downtown Spokane.

When VisitSpokane fought to bring the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) annual meeting to our amazing city in 2020. A huge get, to be clear. They asked us to help tell the story of Spokane in a way that would build attendance with hardened media pros.

Treatment's answer? Marc Maron told that story better than we could when he came here in 2016. And now, he'll be coming to the event as its keynote speaker.