The Chinese Lantern Festival was a completely new type of event for Spokane. Treatment helped the steering committee start from the ground up, building a name, brand, and identity that was beautiful and respectful of the Chinese traditions that surround these kinds of festivals, but also hip, updated and appealing to everyone.

The Assistant Director of Riverfront Park, came to us with the idea of bringing a massive Chinese lantern festival — the kind he remembers from his youth — to the heart of Spokane. Beyond a one-time event, he wanted to create an annual event that was truly woven into the cultural fabric of the city.

Chinese Lantern Festival Walkway Photo Treatment Creative Work
Chinese Lantern Festival Walking Photo Treatment Creative Work
“I was in search of a unique partner that could grasp the essence and be as passionate as I am about this cultural and art event. Treatment came on board, championing one of the most successful and long-lasting marketing and promotion campaigns in the Inland Northwest region.”
– SAM SONG, Riverfront Park

We knew from lots of hard-won experience that you can’t anchor in people’s minds until you create a name, brand and identity that is memorable enough to stick in people’s minds.

Clf Brand Collage

We built a full marketing campaign, including a site, online ads, out of home, and a video — all of which built a sense of wonder and hype around this stunning and unique experience coming to Spokane.

Knowing that the stomach is the way to the heart, we felt like the best way to help the Spokane community connect with this event would be to start a pop-up restaurant and staff it with local chefs interpreting Chinese cuisine. Our friend Jeremy Hansen, chef/owner of Sante, Common Crumb, Hogwash and Inland Pacific Kitchen, was the only local chef to take up the mantle, along with his wife Kate.

ZAGAT listed our pop-up as one of 7 Reasons to Drive to Spokane.

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When all was said and done, over 80,000 people from Spokane (as well as Seattle, Portland, Calgary, Missoula, etc.) came and experienced this magnificent event. Not bad for a first year.

Our goal was 50,000 attendees. Over 80,000 people attended the event. Our goal was 1,000 diners. Over 2,000 people dined at the pop up.